Package com.codexombie.jspasm

Interface Summary
IExceptionHandler Interface to be implemented when developing an Exception Handler.
IStateChangeHandler Interface to be implemented when developing a EntityState Change Handler.
ITransitionType Contains a set of constants used to specify transition types.

Class Summary
AbsEntity The abstract superclass of all Entity classes.
BasicExceptionHandler Provides the default reporting/handling of run-time exceptions.
BasicStateChangeHandler Provides a basic reporting mechanism for logging state changes during run-time.
Engine This is the run-time core of the state engine system.
Model A Model object describes a state model by holding all the information about the valid states and events and the transitions that occur when events are delivered to entities that are in a given state.
StateChangeRecord This contains all of the details about a state change that a state change handler might want to know when reporting it.

Exception Summary
StateModelConfigurationException Exception class thrown for errors detected when creating a Model.
StateProcessingException Exception class thrown by the Engine during normal running.